Who are Sigma Gaming?

Who are Sigma Gaming?

Posted on December 19th 2017 in New Partner , All

Who are Sigma Gaming?

We are a games development company set up in 2014 by Kevin McGovern and I to bring innovative and exciting content to market.

After many years in the industry, being responsible for some of the most successful content out there, we decided to develop some of our own games to compliment the consultancy work we carry out for others. Our portfolio of games is very varied, with some titles tailored for particular market sectors and others designed to appeal to the wider player base.

As well as coming up with new concepts and features, we like to take game components that have been successful in other markets in the past and that have not previously been used, or others have struggled to successfully implement online. This appeals to both new and more experienced players who may recognise some of them from the past.

In many of our games we try to bring back to the player the feeling of playing the game rather than having the game played to them, which can happen so often some games. We do this by introducing true player interaction. In our new game “Attic Treasure” which is available exclusively through Playzido, there are several choices available to the player in the Attic Bonus. The player can either play safe or take more risk for higher rewards. They get to make real choices that influence their experience and bring a deeper level of engagement and entertainment.

Because we are relatively small we can work closely with our B2B customers. We are often developing commissioned or exclusive games as well as our roadmap of openly available titles. As with all good game developers, we just have too many great ideas to develop them all – but that is a great problem to have!

Why did you choose Playzido?

There are several reasons why we leapt at the opportunity to publish our content through Playzido when it arose.

The fact that the platform is based on the cutting edge Black Cow technology was a big one. This is proven, flexible and with none of the legacy issues of some other platforms that restrict game innovation and extend development times. It allows us the flexibility to implement features that we may have to compromise on other platforms and allows us to reduce the time to market for content, which is key.

I like that Playzido is taking the core technology to the next level with a bespoke back end and a feature roadmap that will not only appeal to the operators but also will compliment the games and hence appeal to the players

What are you looking forward to when working with Playzido?

They are a fantastic team of people. It is great to work with people who are undoubtedly experts in their fields, but they are also as keen and passionate about the business as we are.

It is still early days, but I really look forward to expanding our portfolio of games available on Playzido. We are initially launching 5 games but as the distribution rolls out we will be developing a roadmap of great content both exclusively to operators and open to the whole Playzido network. Getting great content to market quickly, which is what we are all about!

What are today's challenges for game developers?

For a relatively small developers like ourselves the main challenge at present is getting content to market, with sufficient distribution, in a timely fashion.

With industry consolidation the number of open platforms available to us has reduced significantly over the last few years. With larger developers either creating their own RGS or absorbing existing platforms the number of viable routes to market for us are limited. That is why it is important for the industry that open platforms still exist and thrive, so that smaller developers can continue to be creative and maintain a high level of innovation and choice in a competitive market.


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