Stuart Banks discusses Playzido

Stuart Banks discusses Playzido

Posted on October 27th 2017 in General , All

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What was behind the idea for Playzido?

There has been a gap in the market for a new, accessible, open platform with Playzido's focus on innovation and delivering top quality content. Endemol Shine Gaming's aspirations to publish their games further and wider meant that Playzido was the perfect investment vehicle to allow them to do this.

Playzido differs from its competitors in that it is building an open platform that is truly operator-focused. In the current climate operators want more than bulk-buy gaming content.

The majority of operators now want a combination of industry-leading games but also platform functionality that empowers them to excite their customers and grow their businesses.

With Endemol Shine Gaming's best-in-class content, new Black Cow technology, scalable game development capabilities and a deep appreciation for operator's needs through our management team, Playzido is perfectly positioned to provide this.

The open platform market is ripe for disruption. The majority of platform innovation in recent years has been ring-fenced for mid to large developers managing their own RGS platform. Playzido is looking to bring this same approach to the open platform market.

New and exciting game developers can help drive innovation in the gaming market in the years to come and Playzido want to offer these suppliers with a viable route to market where their content can also benefit from features and tools that have traditionally been reserved for the bigger suppliers.

Why did you choose Black Cow Technology with which to launch the joint venture?

Black Cow were the standout partner for Endemol Shine to work with on this Joint Venture with decades of experience in the platform market but with fresh software, free from the legacy issues of many of its peers.

Purpose built as a gaming RGS, their highly adaptable technology means that Playzido can also achieve its aspirations around platform feature development. A lightweight integration profile facilitates quick speed to market for new partners.

Going forward, what does the future hold for Playzido?

Playzido has big aspirations, as you may expect from a company like Endemol Shine. A three year strategy will see their platform grow from 4 game suppliers to 12 and their content profile to grow to in excess of 100 "feature-enabled" HTML5 games.

Alongside working closely with Endemol Shine to distribute their games, Playzido wants to be the go-to platform for exciting games developers in the market and will continue to build out innovative features across bonusing, jackpots and achievements.


Free Spins Available On All Slots

At Playzido we know that you need the best marketing tools in order to promote and market new games properly. Unlike other open platforms, marketing free spins will be available across all Playzido Slots.

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