Lazo 100K

By Linka Gaming

Game description

Exclusive to Playzido, Lazo 100K is a new innovation in casino gaming, offering something truly unique and exciting to the marketplace. Easy to understand and incredibly fun to play, it involves 9 cards (numbered 1-9) and the formation of links on two grids based on the card draw order. 

Lazo 100k involves players betting on the outcomes of the total number of links achieved in each of the two grids. Links are formed when any two numbers (i.e. Cards) drawn in sequence are also next to each other on a Grid – then a Link is formed between those two numbers on the Grid. Each grid can result in total links of 1-8 

Betting Options

Lazo 100k provides 39 bet options, covering for a wide range of outcomes, with many bet options offering very frequent win opportunities and maximum excitement. Bet multipliers range from: 

  • Very frequent wins, paying from 1.1x 
  • Very winnable outcomes, paying from 5x 
  • Even the hard winning outcomes, paying 100,000x (for the top 8&8 link outcome)

Types of Bets

Similarly to roulette, there are a number of different types of bets players can make; 

  • MATCH EXACTLY (in any order) - The bet made must exactly match the final outcome of the link totals in each grid
  • EITHER GRID MATCH OR BETTER (in any order) - The bets made in “Match or Better” provide for a lower risk betting strategy. For these bets, the final outcome of the link totals in each grid must BOTH be equal to or greater than each of the two numbers in the actual bet made.
  • EITHER GRID - These bets are in respect of any grid having the outcome bet on – so it’s a double chance bet. The bets for 5–7 Links are bets on the outcome being GREATER than or equal to the relevant Link outcome. Conversely, the bets for 24 Links are bets on the outcome being LESS than or equal to the relevant Link outcome. NOTE: the multiplier shown is the maximum payout and it does NOT increase when two grids show the same result.
  • WINNING GRID - This bet is on which grid wins, or is it a tie

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