By AvatarUX

Game description

Step into the enchanting world of KokeshiPop™, where the lanterns glow with precious ghost-flame and the promise of ever-growing multipliers beckons. This thrilling slot game, by our studio partner AvatarUX, brings the magic of Kokeshi dolls to life, promising a gaming adventure full of good luck and fortune.

As you embark on your journey, follow the radiant lights of the Lanterns, which steadily fill with ghost-flame, promising incredible wins. The excitement begins with the multipliers that double in both the base game and the Bonus Round, where they can soar to x5, x10, or even a staggering x20, ensuring extraordinary wins at every turn.

Adding to the thrill are the Neko figurine Wild symbols, which make appearances during the Bonus Round, further enhancing your luck and chances of prosperity.

KokeshiPop™ features AvatarUX’s beloved PopWins™ mechanics, where every win triggers an exciting cascade of symbols, expanding the reels and creating fresh opportunities for winning combinations. With each win, the game bursts with potential, making every spin a exciting adventure. 

Bonus Rounds & Features


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