Diamond Symphony

By Bulletproof Games

Game description

Diamond Symphony is a classical mix of music and diamonds in a fun arcade style. For players who enjoy lots of wins, this game gives a frequent winning experience. Players who like the fun of the chase can win big through the free spins game and the ever-increasing win multiplier. Simple to understand game play, a bright, colourful interface and a classical theme are an irresistible mix for this fun and rewarding game.

Encore Mode

Diamond Symphony has a "big bet" mode called "encore". The player may choose to increase their bet in exchange for a free respin on the freespins ladder. If the player reaches 1 or 2 steps below the freespins starting position then the game will enter encore mode. This will hold the current freespins ladder trail position and spin again for free allowing to climb the ladder further. This allows the player to drastically increase the freespins frequency, as well as increasing the average number of freespins awarded when entering the freespins feature.

Freespins Game

The freespins feature is exactly the same as the base game in terms of mechanics. However, when the player enters the freespins feature, a multiplier ladder will appear on the right. Each time the reels start a new spin, the position on the multiplier ladder will increase. Once the ladder reaches the top position, the players win multiplier increases by x1, with no maximum. All wins are multiplied by the current win multiplier.

Additionally, the player can trigger additional free spins by moving up the freespins ladder as per the base game. The freespins ladder changes during the free spins game to be more generous. This allows for more freespins re-triggers, which then allows the player to increase their multiplier, and in turn win bigger prizes. This is the major hook for diamond symphony, win more freespins to increase your multiplier to win bigger prizes the longer you progress. The maths has been carefully balanced to allow for frequent re-triggers so the game plays to its advantage.

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Diamond Symphony
Diamond Symphony
Diamond Symphony

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