Coin Collector Keno

By Pixiu

Game description

Explore the enchanting realm of Coin Collector Keno, a mystical game with captivating twists! Embark on your journey accompanied by four powerful Magical Animals, each possessing a unique Fortune Coin modifier. These magical coins can unlock Extra Balls, Free Games, Win Multipliers, and grant entry to the fabulous Hold'n Win Bonus Round.

Key Features: 

Fortune Coins: Appear on random numbers outside the player's chosen selection at the start of each new game. Match 4 coins to win a cash prize, match 5 to enter the Hold'n Win Bonus Round. 

Hold'n Win Bonus Round: As players explore a 5x5 grid, spinning boxes unveil silver, gold, or summon coins, accumulating multipliers (ranging from 1x to 50x) and invoking the powers and rewards of magical animals through the mystical summon coins. 

Magical Animals: Each possesses a distinct magical prowess that can enhance your chances of winning!

Bonus Rounds & Features

Coin Collector Keno
Coin Collector Keno
Coin Collector Keno

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